The sixth sudoku

Due to the fact that I have one of those “deadlines that must be met” looming on the horizon of my new year, I did not get to spend as much time on the six sudoku afghan as I would have liked, but I did (at long last) finish the sixth sudoku.

Here it is in all of it’s completed glory:

crochet sudoku puzzle
The sixth crochet sudoku

As exciting as it is for me to have finally gotten this far with the project, it will be for naught if there is no way to solve it, so I also worked on making more of the pieces that I think of as “the solving squares.

Yesterday, this was how far I had gotten with them:

crochet squares
Crochet squares to be used in solving the crochet sudoku puzzles

and here is a record of today’s modest, but measurable progress:

a rainbow of crochet squares
More squares to be used in solving the crochet sudoku

With those solving squares all laid out in neat, color-matched rows, I found it impossible to resist the temptation to at least attempt to solve the sixth sudoku:

crochet sudoku puzzle
I try to solve the crochet sudoku

As can be seen from the photo, I did not get very far with my attempt at solving the puzzle before the cold weather coupled with impending sunset sent me (with sudoku puzzle and puzzle pieces in hand) looking for a warmer, more well-lit place to be. Once I found and was situated in that warmer, better-lit place, my mind began to focus on what my intentions for the new year will be, and while I don’t have them completely figured out, you can bet that finishing the six sudoku afghan will be somewhere at the top of the list.


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