Do you sudoku?

When it comes to sudoku puzzles, there are, generally speaking, two kinds of people: those who think the puzzles are a complete waste of time, and their obverse: those who think the very same puzzles are a wonderful.

I fall into the latter camp.

After recently finding two crochet puzzles based on this form while looking for a skein of Red Heart Super Saver plum pudding yarn, I found myself needing to complete just two more nine-patch squares, which I would then use to piece together the fifth and sixth puzzles, which would allow me to begin the finally assembly of the six sudoku afghan. Late Friday, I finished the two nine-patch squares that are the lynch pin to completing the project, and here they are:

The last two nine-patch crochet squares needed to complete a crochet puzzle afghan
The last two nine-patch crochet squares needed to complete a crochet puzzle afghan

Unfortunately, I have a deadline looming that distracted me from my crochet for much of the weekend, and while I made progress on the six sudoku afghan, I did not finish it.

I also did not resist the temptation to at least try solving one of the puzzles, and as such, spent most of my crochet day today making some of the squares that my son will need to solve the puzzles:

a rainbow of crochet squares
Crochet squares to be used in solving the crochet sudoku puzzles

Then, I took one of the sudoku puzzles:

crochet sudoku
The sudoku before solving

and prevailed upon my youngest son to make a video of me using the squares to solve the puzzle.

The production values of the video, while not as disorienting as the faux “found footage” in The Blair Witch Project, leaves something to be desired, and for that I apologize, but I hope those of you who do sudoku find that it is at least a little bit fun.

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  1. My youngest (soon to be 23) would I imagine LOVE this variation on the Sudoku theme…. she is constantly in search of puzzles Can’t wait to show her your video!!!

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