Toby’s pet mat

Last night before the sun set, I had gotten this far with a pet mat for my mom’s dog, Toby:

crochet pet mat with a dog's face at the center
The crochet pet met in need of a second ear

After I took that photo and before I went to bed, I completed the second ear. Today, in between errands and laundry, I finished attaching the bones, the eyes, the nose, and the ears. I then added a narrow single crochet border using the color I had used for the bones and the central square.

At that point, I felt the pet mat still needed a little something, so I used a latch-hook rug technique I had first encountered in crochet when I attached “quills” to Henri the porcupine who is seen here:

crochet porcupine amigurumi porcupine
Henri the crochet porcupine with his quills

By late afternoon, with the errands and laundry behind me and my outdoor office in full shade, I had time to cut 5.5″ strips of gray and white yarn that I then attached to the ears, and while it is not a photographic representation of my mom’s dog, it does, to my mind, evoke the essense of Toby:

crochet pet mat for Toby
A crochet pet mat for Toby

I hope that Toby likes his pet mat and enjoys using it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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Henri gets his quills

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