Working with the crochet wind at my back

I don’t know what has happened as this winter draws to and end, but I hope that whatever it is, it stays with me for awhile.

It seems that rather than struggling to get things done, things are more easily falling into place.

I have no clue what has changed, but I am going to enjoy it for as long as it lasts, and today was one of those days that I enjoyed it fully.

I started the day with weaving in ends. Both the future heart festooned bag and donut bag had multiple pieces that needed the ends woven in, so with my bent-tipped Clover yarn needled and plenty of determination, I set out to get that done, and by lunch, most of the ends that could be woven in and trimmed were, so next, I focused my attention on the bag I intend to decorate with hearts.

After laying out the squares several ways (all of which had elements I liked and elements I wasn’t quite so sure of) I finally settled on this arrangement, and I almost (but not quite) got it pieced together before I was interrupted:

granny square crochet bag
A heart festooned crochet bag to be

What had interrupted me was an intense desire to finish one of the donut squares.

I had about an hour of my crochet day left, and I was hoping that the time I had set aside to decorate and stuff the donut was enough.

Using my new shoes as a guide:

vans donut shoes
My new donut shoes

I selected six colors of yarn for the sprinkles and got to work, and while there were a few glitches that required that I pull some of the stitches out and redo them, for a first effort, it went smoothly:

an unstuffed crochet donut with sprinkles
A future donut square decorated with yarn sprinkles

Then, after securing the ends, I got to the business of sewing the edge and stuffing the donut as I went along. Here, I made more mistakes than with the surface decoration, but I managed undo them and move on, the result being this (to my mind) magnificent donut square:

a stuffed crochet donut with sprinkles
My first decorated crochet donut square

To say that I am pleased with how these projects are coming along is an understatement. When I got my shoes, I desperately wanted a bag to coordinate with them, and I expected that there would be challenges in bringing my vision to fruition, and I am delighted that it has gone so much better than I had expected.

But the truth is, not every project will (as this one seems to be) crochet itself. Sometimes you simply have to struggle much more than you expect, so while this crochet wind is at my back, I will enjoy the ease, and when the crochet wind is gone from my crochet sails, I will enjoy the challenge.

2 thoughts on “Working with the crochet wind at my back

  1. I yet to have a windy day .

    What are you stuffing the donuts with?

    Love your daily blog, look forward to it.

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