The saga of the dueling granny square bags continues

While the official start of spring is still twelve days away, you would not know it by the weather we had today. Clear blue skies, with just a touch of crisp in the air — weather so perfect it would have been so easy to set aside my chores and simply sit outside and watch the world go by.

Instead, I got out my vacuum and went after the dust and pet hair that were abundantly visible in the lovely late winter light, and while I could have kept at it all day, eventually, I tired of the chore, put the vacuum away, got out my hook, and resumed work on my two front-burning practically perfect granny square bags-to-be.

With two project competing for my attention, I decided to first focus on the bag destined to be decorated with some of the extra boho hearts from my cousins’ memorial service. I was within three five-round squares of finishing the body of the bag, so hook in hand and stash at my side, I got to work, and low and behold, before the sun set on the day, I had finished all of the remaining five-round squares:

granny squares for a crochet bag
A practically perfect granny square bag to-be

Content to set that aside for the moment, I then resumed work on the donut bag.

Yesterday I had experimented with a square that would be used on either side where a bend is required.

It did not go well.

With that in mind, I decided that I would instead focus on making one of the large squares that will be anchor the design, and if time permitted (it didn’t), I would try another version of the side square that bedeviled me yesterday.

Still, despite not getting a second version of the side-square-that-must-bend worked out, I did make modest progress and got this photo before the sun set:

crochet donuts for a crochet bag
The donut bag begins to take shape

Each of these projects energize me in different ways, and while I don’t know how this duel will end, I am sure that some other projects will step up and fill the vacuum that will be created when these projects are ta-done.

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  1. I love both of the bags to be, and can hardly wait to see them in their lively finished state.

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