Dueling practically perfect bags

This past weekend I couldn’t decide which of my two front burner projects I should work on, so I worked on them both.

First up was the practically perfect heart-festooned to-be bag.

I added to the collection of sixteen five-round granny squares that will be needed to complete the bag for a grand total of nine:

nine crochet granny squares
Nine five-round granny squares for a practically perfect bag

and then finished the second of two ten-round granny squares needed to complete the bag:

two large crochet granny squares
Two ten-round granny squares

With eleven of the eighteen squares needed for the bag completed, I decided I had better lay them all out to get an overview of how the colors were (or were not) working together:

granny square crochet bag pieces
A practically perfect granny square crochet bag to be

Satisfied that the one bag was coming together, I then turned my attention to the other: a bag to coordinate with my donut decorated Vans.

One thing I decided right off was that where possible, I would have squares that resembled actual donuts.

After several false starts and things not turning out quite as I thought they would, I finally came up with this prototype:

crochet donut granny square prototype
My crochet donut granny square prototype

However, due to extreme awkwardness in assembling the finished pieces of the prototype, I made one change so that attaching the donut to the granny square would be less frustrating.

After getting the details of that figured out, I took hook to yarn and got a start on five donut granny squares:

crochet donut granny squares
Five crochet donut granny squares and the shoe with which they need to coordinate

There are still a few details to figure out for both bags, but I am very happy with the progress I made this weekend, and I expect to have them in the “ta-done” column sooner rather than later.

3 thoughts on “Dueling practically perfect bags

  1. Man I thought you were making real donuts and so I guess these are the non-fatten kind…..

  2. Looking good…wondering whether you will attach the outer donut rim to the squares or perhaps even stuff them…

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