A recurrence of granny square bag fever

Last spring I developed what I thought of as “granny square bag fever.”

As a result, I made a series of granny square bags until state fair season arrived and forced me to switch gears, and it would seem that this spring is ushering in yet another bout of granny square bag fever.

Last week a package arrived on my doorstep and because I was busy preparing for the memorial service for my cousins David and Robert I did not take the time to look over the merchandise that had arrived; instead, I put the unopened box in the “crochet empire,” and did not think about it.

This week, however, when I was in the crochet empire looking for a particular skein of yarn for the future boho-heart-festooned, practically perfect granny square bag that I had begun work on, I came across the box that I had put out of sight (and consequently, out of mind) and opened it.

Inside were some new shoes decorated with donuts:

vans donut shoes
My new donut shoes

At the time I ordered them, I had had trouble deciding if I should get the donut or the cupcake shoes, and while (after opening the box and examining them) I initially wondered if I should have gotten the cupcake shoes instead, once I put the donut shoes on with a pair of jeans, there was no way I was exchanging them.

But as perfect as the shoes were, they lacked one thing:

a coordinating practically perfect granny square bag.

So while I was out running errands today, I stopped by JoAnn (a fabric and craft store), and picked up these two new-to-me colors of their house brand “Big Twist” yarn:

two skeins of yarn
Big Twist blush pink and scarlet

The pink blush was just about exactly the color of the pink donuts on my shoes, and the darker color (called scarlet, but which does not match the scarlet of my mind’s eye) was completely irresistible, so I picked up a skein of each, paid for my purchases, and headed out the door.

Then, when I got home, I went through my rather large stash and came up with this array for a future practically perfect granny square bag to coordinate with my donut shoes:

shoes with coordinating yarns
My new shoes with coordinating yarns for a future bag

With the question of what colors I would use for that bag settled, I then returned to my front burner boho-heart-festooned, practically perfect granny square bag-to-be, and started on the first of two large squares that will be needed:

scarlet big twist yarn
I start on one of the big squares for my heart festooned bag-to-be

I then laid out the smaller squares that I had completed along with the nearly completed larger square to get a sense of how things would look:

granny squares
My progress so far on a future heart festooned practically perfect granny square bag

and to my delight, the result was better than I had expected.

Sometimes, in crochet as in life, we must move forward even when we don’t know exactly where we are headed.

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  1. I predict both bags will be absolutely delightful. Can’t wait to see how they develop.

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