I start on yet another practically perfect bag

With several dozen extra boho hearts in my crochet coffers, I decided to use them in one of my myriad pursuits of crochet crafting perfection: A practically perfect granny square bag.

My idea (which is, as yet, somewhat fuzzy and unformed) is that I would appliqué
boho hearts onto a bag, and while my previous “Practically Perfect Granny Square Bags” have focused on color through changing yarns from one round to the next:

three granny square crochet bags
And then there were three

I decided that from a design perspective, it might be easier to make the appliqué of the multicolor boho hearts work if the granny squares in question were made in solid colors.

So I grabbed a hook, pulled some yarns out of my stash, and using a crochet tension regulator to keep the squares about the same size, I got to work and managed to complete three squares before sunset:

three solid granny squares
Three new granny squares for spring

From left to right, the squares are worked in Red Heart Super Saver shocking pink, Red Heart Super Saver accent guava, and Red Heart Super Saver light periwinkle.

With three squares completed, I plopped down a completed boho heart onto each square to get an idea of how they would work together:

granny squares with crochet hearts
Three granny squares and three boho hearts

There is a lot of work to be done, but at least I have figured out a way to use some of the boho hearts.

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