A cherry cola inspired bag begins to take shape

After making this Scooby Doo inspired Eloise baby sweater:

scooby doo inspired crochet sweater
A Scooby Doo inspired baby sweater

I wanted to make something for myself that incorporates the quite lovely (to my mind) Red Heart Super Saver cherry cola variegated colorway, and as it has been over a year since I made myself a bag, I decided to see if I could design a purse worthy of the yarn.

I started by working my rendition of Square C-2 of the Better Homes & Gardens Granny Square Sampler in cherry cola friendly colors. Having gotten this far with it last Thursday:

crochet square for a granny square bag crochet
A future panel fo a bag-to-be

I spent Friday crocheting the final rounds and weaving in ends:

cherry cola granny square for a crochet bag
The front panel of a future cross body bag

I was officially ready to move forward, but I didn’t have a clear idea of what moving forward entailed, so I started working Square C-2 again, but this time in just the cherry cola:

cherry cola crochet granny square
How I spent my Saturday

Pleased with my progress, but not absolutely certain where to go with it, I set that piece aside and began work on a half-double granny square which has a certain flair that I really like:

cherry cola half double crochet granny square
A half-double granny square and C-2 worked in cherry cola

As the sun prepared to set, I got this group photo of the pieces I have made so far in various stages of completion:

Three crochet granny squares for a crochet bag
Three pieces of a bag-to-be in various stages of completion

There are a lot of small decisions I have yet to make and questions that are as yet unanswered : Will I double or single line the bag? How will I attach the strap? Where will I find the perfect zipper? and while these questions, as yet, have no answer, I will move forward, one stitch at a time toward what I hope is yet another practically perfect sort of bag.

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  1. GASP, My gosh, that bag-to-be is exquisite! I would love to own that exact (match) one!!! Please tell me you’ll consider my making a purchase of one.
    Jane R Candela

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