Of sangria and cherry cola colorways and squares

Despite the unseasonably warm temperatures, it would seem that fall is attempting to assert itself.

While the bulk of the leaves have yet to change color, as I worked (with varying degrees of success) on the square projects that have grabbed hold of me this week, I could hear acorns falling from the many oak trees in my neighborhood.

Acorns fell on all parts of the roof of my house, the roof of my car, the back deck, the front walk, and an occasional errant nut would find it’s way to the covered (but not screened in) porch, and then, when I went out to my front porch to take photos of the past two day’s crochet, I was delighted to have found this leaf:

sangria crochet granny square
I crochet square C-1 in a single colorway

While it is not the most beautiful of autumn leaves, it did serve as a color counterpoint to the Craft Smart Value yarn sangria I had used to to crochet the center of Square C-1.

With the success of cherry cola for the center of Square C-2, I was curious to see how a single variegated yarn would work for C-1. Satisfied, but lacking any more ideas for what to do with the square at the moment, I turned again to my cherry cola bag to be.

I had to start by frogging the half-double granny square as my tension was off just a bit. I needed it to be twelve rounds, and I needed those twelve rounds to be 10″ in width. My first effort had not worked out as well as I would have liked, but I was pleased with my second effort and felt that I was ready to move forward on crocheting the gusset.

It turns out that even if you think you have thought your way through a problem/design, once the yarn hits the hook, there is a strong possibility that you will encounter some detail that you did not adequately consider. At least, the was true for me.

Fortunately, I am not the sort to be put off by one or two less-than-successful efforts, and finally, on the third try, I got a gusset that will (when I finish it) work.

Here is a photo of the pieces I have crocheted so far:

cherry cola granny square crochet bag
A cherry cola infused bag-to-be

and here is a photo of those same pieces with the zipper that will pull it all together:

pieces for a granny square crochet bag
All of the pieces (so far) laid out with a coordinating zipper

Crochet adventures are just that: adventures, and like any adventure, it isn’t until you make that journey that you find out where you are going.

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