After school crochet

Since my son gets home from school at about 2:45 each day, my crochet has fallen into two categories:

The first category is the six sudoku afghan that I work on while he is at school; the second is any crochet project that is not the six sudoku afghan and which I can work on in his presence — I think of these projects as “after school crochet.”

So this morning when I had finished the accumulated chores that could not longer wait, I set to work on the formerly long-abandoned and nearly forgotten six sudoku afghan. While I am not yet working at a speed that will get it done by Christmas, I should have one of the sudokus done by tomorrow, and I got this picture of my progress about ten minutes before my son got home:

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Six sudoku afghan, December 17, 2012

I did not get to enjoy my almost triumph for very long. My son had a trumpet lesson scheduled at a time that required that we leave the house within minutes of his getting home.

I don’t like to waste the trumpet lesson sitting and doing nothing, so I often take advantage of the time to crochet the smaller pieces of my larger projects. Usually the pieces for the six sudoku afghan would be the perfect trumpet lesson activity to while away the time, but I did not want to risk my son asking me what I was working on, so instead I grabbed some of the felted merino roving I used for the Fantascot and was still on the kitchen counter wtihin, and began work on a Josef Albers inspired pot holder:

crochetbug, crochet square, crochet potholder, josef albers, crochet rainbow
Josef Albers inspired after school crochet potholder

I am hoping that tomorrow some much anticipated sunshine makes its way to my back deck, and I can spend the entire school day finishing the one sudoku and making substantial progress on the second one.

2 thoughts on “After school crochet

  1. I love the Albers reference. Have you ever seen Abby Shahn’s The Blanket of the Night? Someday…..

  2. I have one project I am working on at work so I can “stealth knit” away from the Man. I am pretty sure that I can get it done by Christmas.

    Now the afghan I work on all the other times of the day – not gonna get done. It’s too big!

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