In which I make it to the Craft and Folk Art Museum

One of the last things I did Saturday before leaving Los Angeles was to go to the Craft and Folk Art Museum (aka CAFAM) on Wilshire Boulevard, across the street from the La Brea Tar Pits.

In late January of this year I made six granny squares and wrote this blog post about them. I had made the squares to be included in a project that was being done by Yarn Bombing Los Angeles that involved using granny squares to create a building cozy of sorts for the Craft and Folk Art Museum.

Here is the photo I was able to get in the not quite late enough afternoon light:

Craft and Folk Art Museum yarn bombing
Craft and Folk Art Museum

Once I got my photo of the outside of the building, I took another 45 minutes or so to cross the street and take a look at what were then the two current exhibitions: This Is Not a Silent Movie (Four Contemporary Alaska Native Artists ) and Sonya Clark’s Material Reflex.

It is called art”work” for a reason, and yesterday (inspired in part by the work I saw last week), I decided to take a more precise inventory of the cookies for Cookieghan 2.0 to make certain that I did not crochet too many of one kind of cookie and not enough of another.

Here is a cookie bar graph composed of the small crochet cookies:

crochet cookie bar graph
Cookie bar graph as of sunset, September 11, 2013

With a clear idea of what needed making, I finished all six of the frosted oatmeal cookies that remained to be crocheted and got a start on the 9 remaining peppermint swirls:

small crochet cookies
A nine-patch of small crochet cookies

Additionally, I finished 6 of the butter pecans (five of which are in the photo), along with 6 peanut butter blossoms and 6 snickerdoodles:

small crochet cookies
Crochet cookies huddled in a circle against the impending storm

Tomorrow, after I spend the first hour of my crochet day weaving in the ends that I did not get woven in today, I will update the cookie inventory, get out my hook, and hopefully make as much progress as I did today.

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3 thoughts on “In which I make it to the Craft and Folk Art Museum

  1. I am so impressed at your sticktoit tiveness on this humongus project. Good for you! It’s going to be so wonderful and beautiful. I can hardly wait for you to finish it. Thanks for sharing with all of us. It’s so interesting to watch your progress and hear what you have to say. Thanks! Betty Lynn

  2. So glad you saw the Folk Art Museum installation, “Granny Squared,” Leslie! You’re correct…it is an inspiration! Those cookies are looking quite yummy!

  3. I just stumbled across your blog and so glad I did makes me wish we had something like the Folk Art Museum in the UK! Thanks for sharing Rachel (Tangled Yarn)

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