My 2016 state fair project progresses

In the weeks prior to the deadline for the state fair, the project I had hoped to enter consumed my days. As soon as I had breakfast eaten and walked my dog, I would start work on the project, and it would fill every available minute of the day. I had intended for it to be my 2015 state fair entry, but in the blink of an eye, it was transformed into my 2016 state fair piece.

Now that the deadline has passed, I am working on the project at a more leisurely pace while trying to get caught up on my non-crochet life, but despite my more modest crochet schedule this weekend I manage to weave in and trim the last end for the 176 one-round granny squares that form the foundation of the “clock panel.”

Here is how it looks without the clock:

A panel composed of 176 little granny squares for my now 2016 state fair project
A panel composed of 176 little granny squares for my now 2016 state fair project

and here is how it looks with the element that defines it: a crochet replica of a clock that was given as a wedding gift to my grandparents:

crochet clock crochet squares
The completed panel with clock

With the clock panel now as done as I can get it while I ruminate on what details to include and which to leave out, I then turned my attention to the second long-stemmed water tumbler panel, and while I did not finish it entirely, I did make measurable progress:

crochet motifs crochet squares
The second panel of long-stemmed tumblers begins to take shape

At the rate I am going, my goal of finishing this by the end of October is looking more than a little bit optimistic, but it does seem to confirm that some projects simply cannot be contained by a schedule and will reveal themselves as they see fit.

4 thoughts on “My 2016 state fair project progresses

  1. This project is so unique. I believe you shouldn’t rush. You have time now to work on it & develop it to its fullest. I know it is gonna be something you will always be proud of & cherish, no matter what.

  2. That is so true. Because of the intricate nature of your project, time is essential to complete such an artful work. Keep at it and explore to the fullest. Peace, blessings and joy!

  3. As usual I am loving the project. Thanks for showing us little peeks. I had seen the clock but not the glasses on the panel. Very creative, great crochet. I look forward to the posts, thanks for sharing with us.

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