Spending time

Today my mother and I headed east of Raleigh to attend to one errand in Wilson, North Carolina, and from there, we headed north to Nash General Hospital spending time on the road to go visit my cousin David.

As my regular readers know, my cousin has (in addition to schizophrenia) metastatic lung cancer and while he is stable-ish at this point, he recently took a fall which landed him back in the hospital with a rather nasty bruise just under his right eye.

Throughout all of this, my cousin has remained remarkable placid.

When my mother and I went to visit him today, he recounted to us — with great clarity and some sense of adventure — the various tests that had been done during his most recent admission including his insightful observations about the sights and sounds of an MRI.

We didn’t get to stay long, there was just enough time for us to keep him company while he enjoyed a large oatmeal raisin cookie and a chocolate chip muffin we had brought for him, but he seemed glad to have seen us.

We left the hospital with several errands still to run (which we did), and then my mother and I parted ways — she headed home, and after retrieving my dog Clooney from doggy day camp, I made my way home as well.

By then, sunset was not far off, and I hurried to get done what I could. It wasn’t a lot, but it was progress, and I got this photo of the second long-stemmed tumbler panel which I had finished yesterday:

A crochet panel with three water tumbler crochet motifs and an assortment of granny squares
The second long-stemmed tumbler crochet motif panel

as well as these eight half-double, double granny squares:

Spending time crocheting eight half double, double granny squares
Spending time crocheting eight half double, double granny squares

What, you might ask, is a half-double, double granny square? It’s a fair question, and come Thursday, I will have a video ready that explains just what I mean.