Stash down challenge 2012: Day 8

Day 8 of my 2012 stash down challenge was not my most productive crochet day ever.

My schedule was filled with any number of small things that needed doing, and while no one thing took up a lot of time, there were a lot of little things to do, so despite having gotten up early to get my son off to school, it wasn’t until the early afternoon that I was able to sit down and get busy with hook and yarn.

Today’s effort was focused on making a six-inch square (of my choosing) for another community crochet project I am involved with.

My first thought was to try to square off an African flower hexagon. Here is the motif in question:

A pink bordered African flower crochet hexagon
African flower crochet hexagon motif

After spending a fair amount of time (to no avail, as it turned out), I abandoned that effort and decided that in the interest of getting the square done in a timely fashion so that I could get it off in the mail to the organizer of this project, I would go with something tried and true — yet another granny square, and in short order, I had this square done and ready to go:

A five-round six-inch granny square
A six-inch granny square

I am hoping that tomorrow is a bit more productive than yesterday and today have been, but maybe these fallow times are what make the more productive times possible.

I do know that at the rate this year’s stash down challenge is going, I will have plenty left to do for my 2013 Stash down challenge.