The last Thursday of August 2016

This month has flown by, and when Thursday comes around again next week, it will be the first day of the new month.

The days will be shorter, the temperatures cooler, and there will only be 40 days left for me to finish this project.

But back to where I am now.

Having made substantive progress on the top-center clock panel Tuesday after the sun had gone down, on Wednesday I turned my attention to the bottom-center piano panel.

I arranged squares this way, then that, and then back this way; after what seemed a thousand small changes I finally had something I could work with:

crochet keyboard crochet squares
Adding some one-round granny squares to the piano panel

I documented the layout, packed up the pieces, and after sunset, I began joining them by artificial light holding off on joins in places where, under my sometimes annoying flickering LEDs, the colors looked wrong. This afternoon, however with the advantage of full shade on a sunny day, I was able to sort out the problem areas and finish the joining.

I even weaved in the ends, and this is how the two panels looked from the back before trimming them:

ends woven in
The top and bottom center panels before trimming the ends

and here his how they two panels looked after:

crochet panel with ends woven in and trimmed
The top and bottom center panels after trimming the ends

With all the new squares added and joined, and the myriad ends that generated woven in and trimmed, I turned them over to see how they looked:

two completed crochet panels
The completed panels as seen from the front

I was pretty happy with the result, but the moment of truth had arrived.

Did the newly enhanced top and bottom center panels have a better fit with the corner pieces?

The answer to my relief and delight was yes:

fitting crochet panels
I get a much better fit between the center and corner panels

And now that I am down to the last 46 days before the entry deadline, I am going to have to stay focused morning forward the only way possible: one stitch at a time.

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