Whittling down my list

Having taken the time to compile a list of my not-fully documented crochet designs, I decided I would start to work on whittling the list down from the list which includes 51 items.

I decided to start with the crochet chrysanthemum that is an intrinsic element of a crochet chemo cap I designed that is based on the crochet hat worn by the character Elle Woods in the movie, Legally Blonde.

In the first version I made of this hat, I used a chrysanthemum design from Leslie Stanfield’s book 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet, and while it was perfectly serviceable, it was not particularly comfortable, so in June of 2013 when I was working on a wardrobe of crochet chemo caps for the sister of a friend of mine from third grade, I decided that serviceable was not sufficient, and I redesigned the flower to put the emphasis on comfort over verisimilitude.

The result was a less rigid flower both in appearance and feel:

crochet flower chrysanthemum
A new, less orderly crochet chrysanthemum

Today, I decided that writing the pattern for this flower was a good place to start, so armed with my crochet supplies and a fresh cup of coffee:

crochet fuel
Fuel for writing crochet patterns

I got to work.

The first decision I faced was what color yarn to use. Dark and variegated yarns make for wonderful flowers, but they make for dreadful tutorials. I eventually settled on a Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn in a color that might (or might not) be rich orchid.

It was just about the perfect color for a flower tutorial and had good stitch definition,. After a few missteps here and there that required occasional small bits of frogging, I had successfully replicated the flower I designed almostĀ 4 years ago:

chrysanthemum crochet flower
The front of the chrysanthemum crochet flower

So except for writing up the pattern and having it tested, all of the elements of the chrysanthemum crochet flower tutorial were done, and by this time, so was my coffee. I packed up my things and headed home, where I set myself up on the back deck to enjoy the lovely daylight while I resumed work on the scrap granny square bag I had set aside:

crochet en plein air
Working a second scrap granny square en plain air

The quiet afternoon passed — as quiet afternoons often do — far too quickly, and it what seemed no time, I had to call it a crochet day, so I took this photo:

two scrap granny squares
Two scrap granny squares for a crochet tote

and then packed up and went on my way.

Tomorrow, I have to keep myself focused so that I can continue to work my way down the list, and maybe come Thursday, I will only have fifty patterns left to write.

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  1. I too have a list of incomplete projects which I am whittling down. I get such a feeling of accomplishment when I can mark 1 off. Good luck with yours.

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